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Funkier Costume The Better!

person with colorful mask

Festivals aren’t complete without funky costumes. Why can’t we make fun ourselves sometimes? It’s okay to lose yourself during these events because it seems fit! Wearing costumes are best way to conceal our identities. If you want to be wild and you want no one find out who you are, camouflage yourself with funky costumes. Let us teach you how you can pull it off.

Decide Who You Want To Be For A Day

You can be limitless for a day. Find your inspiration in deciding what costume to wear. No idea? We particularly love lady Gaga because she is not afraid to wear anything. She is known for her glam and outrageous costumes. There is no limit on what she will wear next. And she never fails to surprise every time. She is good at surprises and we think, it what makes her a star. You can be anyone, we mean anyone. So let loose and be free.

How Much Is Your Budget?

You may have to spend some cash here. If you want an extravagant costume, you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to pay.  No cash? That’s totally fine. You can call a friend and borrow theirs. You can buy if you have the money and specially if you’re out of time. But if you don’t have the budget, you could create your own. Visit www.today.com for more ideas.

Cover Your Face With Some Artistic Make Up

Most participants are wearing their very own costumes, sometimes they pull off a simple costume by being artistic in doing their make up. We girls love make up. It’s one of our essentials when going out. Don’t wear something formal okay, that will surely kill the festivity vibe. Wear make up the way you would not normally do it. Add skin-friendly stickers if don’t know how to design. Or add some glitters to make you noticeable.

Head Dresses

It is a simple way of saying,”I may not be wearing a costume but look at my fabulous head dress”. The good thing about head dresses is it change your whole outfit. Even if you are wearing a normal dress or outfit, if you have a kick-ass head dress then you are all set! Head dresses are perfect for people who are not into costumes and make up. It’s easy to wear and can really make you look you’re ready to party anytime.

How To Earn Money During Festivals

man offering drawing

Festivals are great times to sell your items when people are willing to spend. You don’t have to a business background to start earning during festive seasons. Just a little creativity and gimmick can make bring bucks to your wallet. Don’t have any ideas? Let us give you some.

Garage Sale

It’s the easiest! You will hit two birds in one stone. You’ll get rid clutter out of your house and sell your unused items. This is money my friends. All you need is to clean your house, find the things you no longer need, and bring them outside for all to see. Just add a “garage sale” sign and you’re good to go.

Sell Your Specialty Dish

People in the festivals are using up their energy. They need some delicious treat to get going. Do the honor for them and cook your favorite dish. We recommend you to prepare something easy. Or make something that won’t spoil easily.

Buy Wholesale

If you don’t know what to sell, your creativity goes back log, no problem! You can go online and buy wholesale. Find something cute and interesting. It could be accessories, souvenirs, and stuff they could they take home. Buying wholesale will save you money by buying stuff at low prices. You can sell it in retail. The good thing about buying wholesale is that the items don’t spoil. If there are unsold items, you can keep them in container to prevent dust and aging. You can sell the same items for the next festival season.

Photo booths

We love to take pictures of ourselves. Selfies can be bland sometimes and we want others to do it for us. Attract tourists and free-spirited visitors. Take pictures of them. To add some gimmick, provide funny costumes like wigs, masks, decorative head bands and other props to make their photo more fun. Set up your printer and you’re done.

Crafts and DIYs

If you like creating arts, then you can get some money out of it. You can create accessories. Or you can make crochet dolls, pouches, and many more. There are so many things you can create, you just need to be creative. It’s good to enjoy and create some cash flow at the same time, isn’t it?

Offer Services

Do you have talent in fortune telling? It’s one of the biggest money making business in festivals. Or do you know how to speed drawing? Whenever we go to festivals, we would sit with an artist and let him draw a picture of us. We have collections of these. If you have talent, use it!